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Would you like to enrich your salon with a range of innovative and unique keratin treatment products by brand COCOCHOCO? If you want to offer your clients a high-quality, modern and progressive keratin treatment that restores damaged hair and straightens it, we invite you to take advantage of the COCOCHOCO keratin treatment option.

Would you like to include COCOCHOCO products in your offer? Enhance your business and attract new customers. The COCOCHOCO brand is very popular and will surely bring you many more customers. We guarantee short delivery times, professional purchasing advice and professional approach.

Sign up easily, contact us at the email address and our sales representative will contact you.

Why buy from us?

1. We offer you cooperation, wholesale prices, various promotional items (stickers, leaflets, hairdressers cape, banners, etc.)

2. By registering, you will be included in our list of hairdressers / salons and thus get more customers, of course, if the customer contacts us, we will be directed to the hairdresser, which is registered with us. We will also promote your salon on social networks Facebook and Instagram. Just send your photos before and after the application, we post it on our profile, and tag you, including your contact. We also provide a promotion in which we address more than 10.000 people daily in EU.

3. We ship the goods within 24 hours of ordering.

4. We provide training and certification to our wholesale customers (terms and areas on request, or you will be informed by email / telephone as soon as a term is printed).

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